We give the best service to our customers

Ocean Passion Malapascua Dive Center

is one of the premier PADI 5-star Dive Resorts in Malapascua, Philippines.
We are offering the highest quality of service and Brand New Rental Equipment for reasonable prices.  Dive with us and you are in good hands. As a PADI Awarded Scuba Diving School, we have one of the most experienced and respected full-time dive staff and offer the Full PADI Dive Course Program – From Beginner to PRO. Dive with us on some of the best diving spots around our beautiful island in the Philippines.

What sets us apart:

  • Our dive shop is attached to our beautiful dive resort-
    Slam’s Garden Dive Resort Malapascua

  • Our New Dive Center Ocean Passion Malapascua – only using safe, clean, modern, and quality dive gear , and we ensure all of our Scuba Diving equipment is serviced regularly.
  • We have a dedicated PADI Course Classroom (gently air-conditioned for your maximum comfort), and a very nice scuba training pool at the resort, built specifically for confined water skills development.

  • We have a fleet of two of our own dive boats, all up to date with safety standards and the comfort you can expect from a first-rate dive shop.

About our 5-star rating

PADI 5-star Dive Resort are progressive dive shops which provide the full range of PADI scuba diving education programs, equipment selection and experience opportunities which encourage aquatic environmental responsibility. As one of the 5-star PADI Dive Resort on Malapascua Island, Slams Garden Dive Resort has been recognized by PADI for its quality service to divers, and commitment to providing customer satisfaction along with great dive experiences.